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    Used Trucks for Sale at Bob Moore KIA

    Has that old truck of yours almost had it? Need something stronger and more capable? Bob Moore KIA in Oklahoma City has many used trucks for sale. Come by and check out our selection of used trucks available to get a newer ride today.

    Why Buy a Truck?

    Trucks are built in many styles and sizes from small compact trucks to large heavy-duty pickups that help you to get the toughest jobs done.  Trucks are workhorses designed to haul various kinds of loads or to pull trailers and RVs. If you spend any time looking at new trucks, you know that getting a new truck can be very pricey. Buying used can save you thousands of dollars and will still get you the truck you want. Trucks have several cab sizes and beds to consider.  Do you need just one row of seating in your cab? Do you want a King cab or a Crew Cab? Do you want to have a 4, 6 or, 8-foot bed?  Do you want a truck capable of hauling a heavy payload in its bed?  Do you need a truck with a huge towing capacity? Some trucks can carry thousands of pounds in the cargo bed.  While others can tow 20,000 lbs. or more.  What you choose depends on what you need a truck for, so there are several things to consider when you go shopping.

    Why Buy Used?

    Buying a new truck means spending a lot of money.  Some new trucks can start out at $50,000.00 or more just for the basic package and once you begin adding options it’s easy for your price to climb up by thousands more.  When you buy new, you also lose money on your investment, because any new vehicle will depreciate by 16-30% in just the first few weeks after you drive it off the lot.

    With a used vehicle the sticker price is lower, and you save on that depreciation because it has already depreciated. If you want special package pricing to go along with your truck, you can get it, because the option package will have already been added to the used sticker price.   Buying used also means you can buy higher-end truck models at a price you can afford. So, you can get to drive the truck you have always wanted at a price that is more reasonable for your budget.

    Financing Available

    If you are ready to buy your used truck, we are ready to help you get behind the wheel of the truck you want at Bob Moore KIA. We have a staff of dedicated, finance professionals on site to help you get the loan you need with the monthly payment you want.  Check out our website for the truck models we have available, and we can even help you with trade in value on your old truck.  You can start on your way to a newer truck today by filling out the application for financing, often you will know what you qualify for on the same day.

    So come on by Bob Moore KIA and check out our inventory or maybe take a test drive to see what truck is right for you.  Visit us today!


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