Vehicle Suspension Service Near Oklahoma City

Car Suspension Service near Oklahoma City

Suspension Service at Bob Moore Kia Northwest

Until a power steering problem makes your steering wheel difficult to operate, or a suspension problem makes your entire vehicle difficult to drive, your steering and suspension systems work together to keep your tires on the pavement and your car in control. If you are in the Norman, Oklahoma City, or Moore areas down to Bob Moore Kia Northwest and let our service professionals check your suspension today!

Signs Your Suspension May Be Damaged

If one of your vehicle’s corners is lower than the others, a broken spring is the most likely cause. You may have a suspension problem if your vehicle fails the “bounce test.” Simply lean your body weight against the front of your parked vehicle and quickly move away. Suspect a problem with your shocks and struts if the vehicle bounces more than twice. Tire treads that acquire a certain, uneven wear pattern known as “cupping” should be looked for regularly, if you see this wear, it is time for an inspection. Your suspension may have a problem if you see oil, grease, or evident wear on your shocks or struts, or if you hear squeaking, especially when turning or braking.

Damaged Suspension Symptoms You Can Feel While Driving

You may have a problem if your ride is rougher than usual or if your car leans forward, backward, or to one side while you brake. If your car pulls or drifts, particularly at corners, the most likely cause is worn shock absorbers. Your suspension, steering, tires, or brakes could all be to blame if your car pulls or drifts when traveling straight. After you’ve ruled out the possibility of unequal tire pressure, you should consult a professional.

What Causes Steering Issues?

A worn power steering pump or contaminated power steering fluid is the most common cause of power steering problems, which are all side effects of problems with the power steering pump and hoses. Leaks or air in the power steering fluid lines can produce low power steering fluid pressure, which is another bad sign. A completely damaged serpentine-style drive belt will disable too many systems to function your car, but a drive belt issue isolated to your power steering pulley can compromise your power steering on its own.

How to Tell If Your Power Steering Is Going Out

A tight or slow-to-respond steering wheel might also indicate a malfunctioning power steering pump, as can a change in steering reaction. Oxidation, metal flakes, or bubbles can indicate air in the power steering fluid lines or a malfunctioning power steering pump if the power steering fluid is low or unclean. A vibrating steering wheel, a slack belt, or a worn-out power steering pulley are all red flags.

Is It Safe to Drive with a Compromised Suspension?

Driving with a compromised suspension is almost certainly riskier than driving with a decent suspension that’s in good shape. When turning and braking, the suspension contributes to your vehicle’s road traction and resistance to centrifugal force. Depending on the severity of the suspension issue, you may be at risk of rolling over or finding yourself unable to stop as quickly as you would like in an emergency situation.

If you believe it is time for your suspension to be serviced, make an appointment or contact our service center and let one of our service professionals get you safely back on the road today.