Vehicle Battery Service Near Oklahoma City

Car Battery Service near Oklahoma City

Battery Service at Bob Moore Kia Northwest

Your automobile battery needs to be serviced and maintained on a regular basis to keep it in good working order. Because most modern automobiles are electric, your car battery not only keeps your car running but also protects you and your family safe while driving. If you are looking for a professional’s advice on the state of your battery, or need battery maintenance and are in the Norman, Oklahoma City, or Moore areas, come on down to Bob Moore Kia Northwest where we can service all your battery needs.

The Purpose of your Vehicle’s battery

One of the most critical parts of your car is the battery. It not only supplies electricity to your car’s electrical system, but it also aids with the start-up of your vehicle’s engine when you turn the key in the ignition. Your battery, as your vehicle’s major power reserve, charges and draws energy from your engine to power numerous components of your vehicle’s operation.

How to Spot a Bad Battery

A defective or failed car battery can be relatively easily identified. If you suspect your car’s battery is failing, schedule an appointment with an automotive professional as soon as possible. You may have a faulty car battery if it takes a long time to start your engine or for it to heat up, and it acts sluggishly overall. If you hear weird cranking sounds from your automobile while driving, it’s possible that the battery is failing or starting to rust. A rusty automobile battery can be hazardous to other components beneath the hood, so replace it as soon as feasible. If your car is slow to start when you turn the key in the ignition and you have to try many times before your engine turns over, this could indicate that your car battery is losing power.

Why Regular Inspections are Important

Inspecting your batteries can help spot fractures and damage before they become full-blown battery leaks, saving you time and money in the long run. In between battery changes, it can also assist keep your battery clean and connected properly. It’s crucial to have your battery inspected on a regular basis and if need be, can get expert guidance on how much life it has left.

How to Inspect Your Battery

You should understand the two major ways to inspect your car battery yourself, in addition to having it inspected by a licensed automotive technician regularly. Visually inspecting your automobile battery on a regular basis is a smart idea. If your car battery is leaking, looks rusted, or is crusty and dusty, it’s time to consult a professional about having it serviced. Take a test drive in your automobile and try turning it on and off a few times. If you have difficulties starting your car or hear a ticking noise, you should check the state of your battery.

If you think it’s time for a new battery or just want to get it serviced, you can schedule an appointment or contact our service center and let our service professionals help you today!