Oil Change

Oil Change in Oklahoma City

Oil Change at Bob Moore KIA

Keep the engine on your KIA purring with regular oil changes. One of the simplest and least expensive routine service tasks for your KIA, it’s also one of the most delayed or forgotten. At Bob Moore KIA, we make it easy to get your oil changed at the right time.

The Importance of an Oil Change

The oil in your vehicle has an important job to do. It lubricates the moving parts to your engine to reduce friction and wear and tear. The oil moves through the system every time you turn your vehicle’s engine on. At the same time, the oil filter keeps out dirt and road debris from getting into the engine.

Over time, the oil loses its viscosity and gets thicker. It doesn’t do its job of lubrication as well and can even make the engine work harder. The filter gets clogged, which also makes it difficult for the oil to get through. Regular oil changes keep your engine working at its prime.

When You Don’t Change Your Oil

If you fail to change your oil when you should, it can have serious consequences. First, you might end up voiding your warranty if something goes wrong with your engine. Your engine will also fail to perform as well as it should because of the thick sludge left behind. You’ll end up paying more for gas because it takes more for the engine to run.

Go long enough without an oil change, and you could ruin your engine. It may overheat or blow a gasket. If the engine blows a gasket, you’ll be stranded and may need a costly repair or to replace your vehicle with a new one.

How Often to Have the Oil Changed

Now that you see the importance of getting your oil changed, you may wonder how often it needs to be scheduled. The simplest answer is to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations. Some models will need to have more frequent oil changes while others may be designed to go longer. For instance, synthetic oil lasts longer than the traditional blend.

How you drive will also impact how often you need to schedule an oil change. If you drive around town or carpool in the city, you’ll need to have the oil changed more frequently than if most of your driving is on the highway.

Schedule Your Oil Change

Follow your owner’s manual and what the manufacturer recommends for oil changes. When you take your KIA Sorento or KIA Forte to Bob Moore KIA for an oil change, you can rest assured that we will use genuine OEM parts and the right weight of oil based on your vehicle.

It doesn’t take long for an oil change, and you can plan it around your schedule. Go online to set up an appointment or just stop by to get an oil change when it fits your schedule. Bob Moore KIA is dedicated to helping you care for your KIA to enjoy years of dependable, efficient performance.