Get Pre-Approved For A Car Loan At Bob Moore Kia Today

March 25th, 2021 by

The Financing Pre-Approval Process
Bob Moore Kia offers a financing Pre-Approval Application on our website. This application is quick and simple, with the entire process being comprised of only 3 steps. The first step is to find your dream car in our Online Inventory. You can apply for financing on new Kia vehicles, Certified Pre-Owned Kia vehicles, and Pre-Owned vehicles in our inventory. The next step is entering your information into the application. All that’s left is getting your pre-approval results. Once you have your results, you’re ready to visit our Oklahoma City-area location to work with our finance staff on completing the finance process.

After you get pre-approved through the Bob Moore Kia website, come into our Oklahoma City car dealership today to speak with our finance associates about locking in their financing.

Find Your Dream Vehicle
Bob Moore Kia’s entire inventory of New Kia Models, Certified Pre-Owned Kia Vehicles, and Pre-Owned Vehicles from many major manufacturers is available on our website for your consideration. Our easy-to-navigate website makes it easy for you to search, filter search results and discover the perfect vehicle for your situation. When you’ve found the vehicle you want, it’s time to fill out the pre-approval application.

Find your dream Kia model at the Bob Moore Kia car dealership in Oklahoma City. Come in and browse our inventory today.

Enter Required Info
The next step is to fill out the Pre-Approval Application on the Bob Moore Kia website. While financing applications can sometimes be long and confusing, this is not the case for the pre-approval application on the Bob Moore Kia website. All that you need is your name, address, phone number, and email. You do not need your Social Security Number.

The application does allow you to specify which vehicle in our inventory you’re interested in. However, you do not necessarily need to do this when filling out the pre-approval application. Many prospective car buyers aren’t quite sure which vehicle in our inventory would fit their needs. You can submit the application without specifying a vehicle, and we will be able to let you know which vehicles in our inventory that you may be approved for.

Get the auto loan terms you need at Bob Moore Kia. Complete our financing pre-approval application today.

Get Your Pre-Approval Results
The last step of the online pre-approval process is to get your results. This should only take a few seconds. It’s worth noting that your credit score will not be affected and the application will not show up on your credit report. This is true whether or not you get pre-approved. If you are pre-approved, the next step is to come into our Oklahoma City car dealership. Even if you aren’t pre-approved, come in and we’ll do our best to work with your situation.

Once you have your financing pre-approval results, stop by Bob Moore Kia today to work on completing the financing process.

Visit Bob Moore Kia Today
Drivers in Norman, Edmond, and elsewhere in the Oklahoma City area are welcome to visit Bob Moore Kia today to meet our finance staff. To streamline the financing process, you can apply for pre-approval online. Whether you need a car loan or a car lease, the finance professionals at Bob Moore Kia strive to offer all drivers the most favorable terms possible for their situation and their chosen vehicle. Come see us today to make your dream car a reality.

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