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So, you’re in the market to purchase a new vehicle from a dealership in Oklahoma City, but you’re a little unsure about the different Finance Options out there. Luckily you have our Oklahoma City car dealership, Bob Moore Kia, to help you along the way. The 2 most common finance options include a car loan or a car lease. The differences between them can be confusing. We want to ensure that you have everything you’ll need before choosing which option is best for you. Keep reading to learn more about these 2 options and feel free to give our Finance Center a call if you have any other questions.

The Benefits Of A Car Loan At Bob Moore Kia
The first and more common finance option to choose is a car loan. There are many reasons why drivers choose this option over the other ones that are available. When you purchase a car with a car loan, you are given a loan term and a specific amount that you must pay within the time period. The best part? Once that loan is paid off, you will own the car outright. By owning the vehicle outright, it gives you the right to customize it however you wish. This will give you the flexibility to really make the car yours and match your unique personality.

Owning the vehicle outright also means that you will have it until you decide to sell it, instead of having to return it to the dealership. You have the option to sell the car whenever you want and for however much you want. Using a car loan to purchase a vehicle is a great option when you want to invest in your future. This can be good, especially when you want to own the car for a long time and possibly pass it down to other family members. You can learn more about the car loan option at Bob Moore Kia, so visit the preferred Kia dealership in Oklahoma City.

Keep Your Ride Up-To-Date In Oklahoma City
On the other side of the finance options available at Bob Moore Kia there is the option to get a car lease. When you look closely at all of the advantages of a car lease, you will see that they will point to you spending less money in the short run. These advantages can include a lower down payment, if any at all, and no upfront sales tax. Typically, when you lease a new car, your monthly payments cover the depreciation of the vehicle during the years that you are driving it and this results in a lower monthly payment than that of a car loan.

Leasing can be great for those drivers who want to have the latest and greatest Kia models since after a few years, you return the vehicle to the dealership and then have the option to choose a different model to power down the road in. When you get a car lease, you don’t have to worry about the resale value of the vehicle, because when the lease term is up, you simply return the vehicle to our dealership in Oklahoma City and we’ll take it over from there.

The last benefit of a car lease is the fact that it is under a warranty that will cover the basic maintenance services during the duration of the lease. So again, when you look at it in the short run, a car lease will cost you less. Learn more about the Car Lease Options at Bob Moore Kia in Oklahoma City today.

Your Kia Financing Hub In Oklahoma City
Here at Bob Moore Kia, we want to make sure you know your options before jumping in and buying a new vehicle. Our dealership in Oklahoma City offers many different Kia Motors financing options including car loans and car leases. Come to our finance center today to speak with our finance experts about which financing option would be best for you. Bob Moore Kia is your premier Kia dealership in Oklahoma City. Check out our New and Used inventories and find your next Kia today!

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