2023 KIA Niro Family Coming Soon to Oklahoma City

2023 Kia Niro Family Coming Soon

The 2023 KIA Niro Family Coming to Bob Moore KIA

Prepare yourself for an innovative driving experience with the release of the 2023 KIA Niro family of compact crossover SUVs. All new styling with three options available, this trifecta of engineering enthusiasm offers a hybrid, Plug-in hybrid, and a full Electric EV Model. A premium ride with impressive fuel economy and a longer electric range mixed together with an easy–to-use infotainment system and an array of driver assist functions puts Niro at the top of the compact crossover charts.

The 2023 Niro Hybrid

The redesigned 2023 KIA Niro hybrid model comes with an impressive powertrain consisting of a 1.6L I4 cylinder engine and a hybrid electric motor. The front wheel drive Niro Hybrid comes with an optimized 6 speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. Green zone drive mode shuts down the combustion engine when entering school zones, hospitals and frequently visited places, forcing the Niro to work on electric power only.

  • 139 combined Horsepower
  • 53 MPG com. fuel economy
  • 595-mile range

The 2023 KIA Niro Plug-in Hybrid

With the freedom to run either gas or the all-electric motor of your choosing, the 2023 KIA Niro Plug-in Hybrid lets you go further between fill-ups with a projected fuel efficiency of 105 MPG. Top that off with an interior designed for comfort and utility. The vehicle’s 11.1-kWh battery pack can be completely charged in just under three hours.

  • 180 Horsepower
  • 33-mile all-electric range
  • Eligible Tax credit of up to 5 percent

The 2023 KIA Niro EV

The all-electric Niro is sure to stun you with its stylish good looks, digitized instrument cluster, and an impressive 253-mile range made possible by its 64.8-kWh battery.  The DC fast charge puts 100 miles back on the board in 25 minutes. The Niro EV offers a heat pump and battery warmer option for preserving its electric range in the winter months. Their 10-year 100,000-mile hybrid system warranty is unmatched.

  • 210 hp electric motor
  • 253-mile battery range
  • Up to $7,500 in Federal tax credits

New Kia Niro Tech

The 2023 Niro Family offers a variety of new technology including Digital Key 2.0, allowing you to share access permission via your smart phone. From starting your engine to unlocking the doors, this cool little app allows you to grant access to or even loan out your ride via text messaging.  Auto regenerative braking harness’s the energy produced by the braking system and recycles it back to the battery.

New Kia Niro Comfort

Eco-friendly all the way, KIA uses recycled material and natural fibers for the upholstery and headliners on the 2023 Niro. The driver centric cabin offers a contemporary feel inside featuring command view seating and a dual panoramic display with touchscreen interface while the passengers get best-in-class legroom compared to similar sized SUVs.

Advanced Kia Niro Safety

Always putting safety at the forefront of every vehicle designed, the entire Niro family line comes standard with KIA Drive wise Driver Assist Technology. Drive Wise is a suite of 14 avoidance collision safety features including-blind-spot monitoring, pedestrian and cyclist detection, and lane keeping assistance. Highway Driving Assist 2 Is a semi-autonomous driving mode for safe hands-on steering assist activated by the turn signal is also available.

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